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Investigating Neuroimmunology Factors that Cause Autism

We continue our effort to investigate the role of neuroimmune factors in the pathogenesis of autism.

Dr. Carlos Pardo has pioneered research focused on studies of the role of immunity, infections and maternal-environmental factors in autism. His lab collaborates with the intramural program on autism of the National Institute of Mental Health focusing on a longitudinal study of children with autism and controls.

We are performing detailed analyses of immune profiles of autism patients using CSF and serum for evaluation of markers of neuro-inflammation in patients with regressive forms of autism.

A preliminary analysis of the data obtained in this study disclosed the identification in plasma samples of a marker of inflammation, CD40L, as a potential marker of regression in patients with autism. This trial is still an ongoing study in which patients with autism are recruited and evaluated clinically at NIH and all immunological studies are performed in our laboratory at Hopkins.


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