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Support Groups

Care to Share Cancer Connection

The National Children's Cancer Society, an online community where parents can find peer support.

Hydrocephalus Foundation, Inc.

Comprehensive information about hydrocephalus.

Malia's Cord Foundation

A fundraising initiative founded by the parents of a patient of Dr. George Jallo to raise money for spinal cord tumor research.

Pediatric Brain Tumors

A yahoo list discussion to support parents and immediate family members.

Pediatric Adolescent Support Group

This support group is for patients who are 12-21 years old. The group meets the third Thursday of each month and provides peer support and activities. For more information, contact the social worker at 410.955.8754.

Pediatric Oncology Parent Support Group

This group is for parents of pediatric oncology patients. Evening meetings are held monthly or as needed. For more information, contact the social worker at 410.955.8125.

Spinal Cord Tumor Association, Inc.

Not-for-profit organization formed by spinal cord tumor survivors for the purpose of supporting survivors and their families.


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