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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Multi-disciplinary Care

pediatric neurosurgical team

Multi-disciplinary care is for the benefit of our patients. Our doctors consult with each other as a team, using specific knowledge of their specialized area of medicine to formulate an exact diagnosis for patients.

Drawing on the wide variety of medical talent at Johns Hopkins, our physicians rely on their expert colleagues in other disciplines to share information, leading to the trusted experience in our world-renowned medical institution.

The importance of multi-disciplinary care in the practice of pediatric neurosurgery

Working with other specialists is of primary importance to our neurosurgeons. The surgical treatment of many pediatric conditions and disorders relies heavily upon an accurate diagnosis.

Often, the neurosurgeons at the Center rely on other world-renowned specialists who are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric neurological conditions. These included:

Potential Diagnosis of Cancer

When a malignancy is involved, our pediatric neurosurgeons consult with top oncologists from the very start of treatment. The goal is to maximize treatment and cure or control the growth of the tumor. Our surgeons concentrate on restoring function of tissue, so that after cancer treatment a child can resume normal activities with the affected body part.

Our experienced and world-renowned specialists work together, providing each other constant feedback. Our commitment to comprehensive care and our surgical expertise is coupled with trusted experience resulting in excellent outcomes for our patients.

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