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Our research team, led by Dr. Harvey Singer, is currently conducting a major motor stereotypies research initiative that involves several clinical studies. The goal is to better understand what causes the movement disorder complex motor stereotypies in otherwise normally developing children.

The knowledge gained from this research will allow us to expand our knowledge about the cause and underlying mechanism of the disorder, and to develop new treatments. An additional goal is to provide accurate and up-to-date information to patients, families and caregivers.

Our thanks to the Nesbitt-McMaster Foundation in Canada for the generous gift that is making this research possible.

Enroll in a study:

If your child has been diagnosed or exhibits symptoms of motor stereotypies, he or she might be eligible to participate in one of our clinical studies. Participants receive free comprehensive neuropsychological testing and a small stipend.

Studies are non-invasive and require a time commitment of a half day, one day or two days, depending on the particular study. For more information, please contact our study coordinator Tina Kline at 410-955-1960.

Learn more about study requirements:

Research updates:

Our research progress information is available for patients and physicians. The following articles highlight our discoveries and research findings on specific studies.


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