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Combination Trial of Copaxone plus Estriol in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis

Application No: NA_00022613
Principal Investigator: Peter Calabresi
For more information please contact Stephanie Syc at 410-502-2488

This research is being done to study the effectiveness of oral estriol when given in combination with the drug Copaxone in reducing the number of relapses in women with relapsing-remitting MS. MS relapses are known to be significantly decreased during pregnancy. Estriol is the major estrogen hormone of pregnancy.

Previously, a small study showed that relapsing-remitting MS participants who received oral estriol for six months had a significant reduction in new lesions on brain MRIs and a favorable shift in immune response.

Participants in this study must be females diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS and between the ages of 18 and 50 years.

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