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Prepare for an Appointment

Information You Will Need To Bring With You:

The Multiple Sclerosis Center at Johns Hopkins requests that you bring the following to your scheduled appointment:

  • Original (or copies) of any MRIs of both the brain and spinal cord
  • Any recent test results that have not already been sent to us — some examples may include Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP) or Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap) results
  • A list of medications you use, including doses, start date, ordering physician and reason for taking the medication

Two weeks prior to your appointment, you should receive a packet in the mail with the following forms. Please complete and bring them along with you as well:

  • New patient questionnaire
  • Symptoms check list 90 (SCL-90)
  • Sickness impact profile questionnaire (SIP)

Insurance Verification and Necessary Referrals:

We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify your benefits. We suggest confirming coverage for radiology, lab work and other potential services, such as psychiatry and physical therapy, prior to the appointment date.

Help Locating Additional Services:

Every Wednesday from 9:30 am until noon, a representative from the National MS Society, Maryland Chapter, is present in the Clinic to answer questions about the programs and services provided by the Society. If you wish to meet with the National MS Society Representative, please notify the clinic staff during your scheduled appointment. If you are unable to meet with the representative during your appointment time or would like additional services provided by the MS Society, please contact them directly:

National MS Society, Maryland Chapter's contact information:
410-527-1770 or email:

Learn more about MS support services in your area.

For more information, contact the Johns Hopkins Multiple Sclerosis Center at 410-614-1522.


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