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Global Telemedicine Clinic for Parkinson’s Disease

The prevalence of neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, both domestically and globally, is growing as the world population continues to age; however, access to care continues to be limited due to geography. Our vision is to provide patient-centered care anywhere you live. In addition to seeing patients in a clinic setting, we are also able to provide care via telemedicine directly in your home.

Using web-based videoconferencing, we have extended our reach into homes in nine countries on three continents. We have provided specialty neurology care to over 200 patients with Parkinson's disease via telemedicine, both domestically in nursing homes and internationally into patients' homes. Using this model, patients in the U.S. save on average two hours of time and 100 miles of transportation compared to traditional clinic visits.

Our geographical reach

Map of the globe showing the countries with services available

Contact us

For more information or to request a consultation, contact the Johns Hopkins Global Telemedicine Clinic for Parkinson's Disease at 410-502-6198 or toll free at 855-237-7446.


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