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The Multidisciplinary Adult Cranioplasty Center (MACC)

If you have suffered from head trauma or a surgical procedure that has left a noticeable change in the contours of your skull or face, the Multidisciplinary Adult Cranioplasty Center (MACC) can help you look and feel more like yourself.

By correcting visible defects—such as the “neurosurgical stigma” that can remain after craniotomy—the world-class, caring team at Johns Hopkins' MACC can restore more normal contours of your face and skull while minimizing risk.

Johns Hopkins Multidisciplinary Adult Cranioplasty Center | Q&A

Judy Huang, M.D., and Chad Gordon, D.O. discuss a new cranioplasty procedure to safely repair skull deformities after brain surgery, a service offered by the Multidisciplinary Adult Cranioplasty Center.

Innovative Techniques for Both Function and Form

MACC offers a surgical approach that combines the skill and precision of both neurosurgery and craniofacial plastic surgery. The team’s approach safely navigates the delicate structures of the skin, sub-cutaneous layers (fat pads and muscle), skull, dura and brain.

As a patient, you may benefit from some of the most creative innovations in skull repair, including the newly introduced pericranial-onlay cranioplasty, a procedure developed at MACC to address even the most complex challenges in restoration.

If a craniotomy has damaged your temporalis muscle leaving a concave area on the side of your head, your surgeon may be able to create a lasting solution through MMA augmentation.

Healing Outside and Inside

Cranioplasty restoration at Johns Hopkins can add another dimension to your healing and recovery after cranial trauma or surgery.

Repairing a skull defect after cranial surgery benefits a lot more than your appearance. Learn how our team can help you recover from post-surgical skull deformity with a greater sense of confidence, health and happiness.

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To request a consultation with the MACC team, call 410-550-MACC (6222).



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Watch a Seminar

See our recent online seminarImproving Skull Contours after Brain Surgery or Trauma.

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