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What is a skin biopsy?

The skin biopsy technique is a minimally invasive and well tolerated procedure. The same procedures are used as if one were having a biopsy done at a dermatologists office though the tissue to handled differently. The sample is processed to allow for us to visualize and count small sensory nerve fibers in the skin. These are nerves that conduct information about pain and temperature and are frequently injured and lost in peripheral neuropathy. The skin biopsy allows for the identification of these nerves and an examination of their number and state of health. In general, when these nerves are affected by a peripheral neuropathy, the number and shape of the nerves is abnormal and can be recognized under the microscope. Learn more about your skin anatomy.


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To schedule an appointment for a cutaneous nerve/skin biopsy in our clinic please have your doctor contact our office at 410-614-6399.

After the biopsy, a report will be sent to your doctor, generally within one to two weeks.

To get your results, please contact our office at 410-614-6399.

Please be aware that the specialists working in our lab are not permitted to provide medical advice.


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