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Skull Base Paranasal Sinus Cancer

What is paranasal sinus cancer?

Cancer of the paranasal sinuses forms in the tissues lining the hollow spaces in the bones around the nose. This malignant cancer is found primarily in the maxillary sinuses, located in the cheekbones under the eyes, and the ethmoid sinuses, beside the upper nose.

Symptoms of paranasal sinus cancer:

Although each individual may have a different experience, the common symptoms of paranasal sinus cancer include the following:

  • nasal obstruction
  • nosebleed (epistaxis)
  • changes in sense of smell (hyposmia)
  • nasal discharge
  • facial pain
  • changes in vision
  • excessive tearing from the eyes (lacrimation)
  • facial numbness
  • neck mass

Treatment for paranasal sinus cancer:

Treatment for paranasal sinus cancer may include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Surgical options for treating the cancer include open transfacial approaches and endoscopic approaches.

To make an appointment or request a consultation, contact the Johns Hopkins Skull Base Tumor Center at 410-614-0585.


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