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Metastatic Brain Tumor Center

Metastatic tumors to the brain are often treatable and can be managed. They may arise from tumors originating in the breast, lung, kidney, skin, bladder, colon, or elsewhere in the body. Learn more about the types of metastatic brain tumors.

The Johns Hopkins Metastatic Brain Tumor Center is a branch of one of the world's largest brain tumor research and treatment programs. Led by Dr Michael Lim, the Center strives to improve the diagnoses and treatment of patients with metastatic brain tumors while furthering research in their prevention and treatment.


Centered on YOU

The Johns Hopkins Metastatic Brain Tumor Center offers a patient-centered approach to metastatic brain tumor treatment. As a part of the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center, the Metastatic Brain Tumor Center has access to a multi-disciplinary team of experts to ensure that you get an individually tailored, comprehensive  treatment for your brain tumor that encompasses every aspect of your health.

When you choose Johns Hopkins, you’re placing yourself among some of the world’s most brilliant thinkers. A spirit of collaborative ingenuity, caring, and hope informs every doctor, every treatment, and every step of your journey with us.

To request a consultation or appointment, contact the Johns Hopkins Metastatic Brain Tumor Center at 410-955-6406.


Scheduled for Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins?

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ONLINE SEMINAR: Updates in Treatment Options for Brain Metastases

As many as one third of patients with primary lung, breast, kidney, colon and skin cancers may develop brain metastases. Hear from Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Michael Lim as he talks about the latest treatment options available for people with brain metastases.

Watch the recording here


Johns Hopkins Brain Tumor Experts in the News

Dr. Q’s Journey to Neurosurgery.

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