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Dr. Paul T. Strickland

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Cancer Prevention and Control


Professor of Evironmental Health Sciences,The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Joint Appointment in Oncology

Research Summary

The research conducted in my laboratory focuses on molecular biomonitoring of genotoxic agents and genetic polymorphisms associated with their metabolism. The general theme is the assessment of carcinogen metabolites and genetic damage in human populations with known or suspected exposure to various occupational or environmental carcinogens. This approach has widespread application in assessing previous exposure to carcinogens and is increasingly being used as a predictor of ultimate disease risk. The ability to measure carcinogen metabolites and genetic damage in human tissues allows one to address a variety of public health issues related to exposure assessment and individual susceptibility to cancer. Furthermore, elucidating the spectrum of common polymorphisms in carcinogen-metabolizing and other genes associated with disease outcome provides an approach to assessing individual susceptibility to cancer.

Journal Citations

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