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Dr. Jin Zhang


Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Assistant Professor of Oncology
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience


Ph.D., University of Chicago


The University of California, San Diego

Research Summary

Dr. Zhang’s research involves an interdisciplinary approach using a combination of live-cell imaging, protein engineering and chemical and cellular biology to elucidate the dynamic modulation and compartmentation of kinases and second messengers and their functional roles in regulating chemotaxis, adipocyte physiology, and cancer development.

Cell Signaling; Kinases and Phosphatases; Chemotaxis; Live-cell Imaging; Fluorescent Proteins and Reporters; Chemical BiologyAll living cells monitor their surroundings and interpret various environmental cues in order to respond appropriately to changing conditions. Signal transduction is the mechanism by which cellular information is processed and signal inputs are converted to specific pathway outputs. Despite the great diversity of information processed and the numerous signaling components involved, it is likely that only a limited number of fundamental strategies are used for signal transduction. One such strategy is to achieve specificity in signal transduction by temporal coordination and spatial compartmentation of signaling components. For example, compartmentation of kinases, phosphatases, and substrates is widely conjectured to be a key determinant in the specificity of various signaling pathways. We are interested in understanding the molecular basis and cellular consequences of such spatiotemporal regulation.

Our approach is to design, synthesize, and apply molecular tools that allow us to monitor and perturb signaling processes with precise spatial and temporal control. To monitor signaling processes, we will employ fluorescent protein-based indicators that can be designed to respond to a variety of biological events and signals and used for visualization and tracking of various cellular events in real time and space. Perturbation strategies, such as photochemical manipulation, small-molecule modulation, and RNA interference, are powerful techniques for dissecting signaling pathways and provide various degrees of spatiotemporal control. Using a combination of live-cell imaging, protein engineering and evolution, chemical biology, and molecular cell biology, our interdisciplinary research effort will involve developing imaging probes and perturbation tools for use in living mammalian cells. These new tools will be applied to the study of dynamic modulation and compartmentation of kinase activities in the context of the molecular mechanisms regulating cell polarity in cell migration and chemotaxis.

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