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Dr. Andrew Feinberg

M.D., M.P.H.
Andrew Feinberg

King Fahd Professor of Medicine, Molecular Biology and Genetics, and Oncology


MD, The Johns Hopkins University MPH, The Johns Hopkins University


Intern, Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Research Fellow, Neurosciences, University of California, San Diego
Clinical and Research Fellow, Medicine (Medical Genetics) and Oncology (Cancer Genetics), Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Internal Medicine, Medical Genetics, and National Board of Medical Examiners

Research Summary

Our laboratory is exploring the epigenetic mechanism of human disease. Epigenetics involves changes in DNA and chromatin structure that are remembered by the cell when it divides, such as DNA methylation, genomic imprinting and histone modification. Epigenetics is important because most of the differences between a germ cell and a somatic cell, or two different tissue types, or a cancer and a normal cell do not involve the DNA sequence but epigenetic changes. Part of our work is on the epigenetics of cancer. We earlier discovered specific alterations in DNA methylation in cancer, as well as common epigenetic (methylation and imprinting) variants in the population that may be responsible for a significant fraction of colorectal cancer. We have recently developed an animal model for epigenetic effects on cancer risk, and we have found a link between cancer risk and stem cell development. We have also identified the molecular basis of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS), a childhood disorder of birth defects and cancer that is caused by epigenetic alterations in two genes (IGF2, LIT1) and mutations in a third (p57/KIP2). We have found a link between in vitro fertilization and BWS, and we are developing animal models for the epigenetic basis of birth defects. We are also exploring a novel hypothesis of common human disease, in which the age-dependent stability of epigenetic marks contributes to complex traits involved in late onset diseases, such as diabetes, autism and bipolar disease. This work is based in a Genome Center awarded by the NIH, and we are developing new genome-level epigenetic (epigenomic) technology, new statistical measures of population-based epigenetics, and the application of these tools to human populations, including an outstanding epidemiological resource in Iceland. Trainees in the Center will perform multidisciplinary research and work closely with our collaborators in determining the epigenetic mechanism of common human disease.


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