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Pancreatic Cancer Educational Videos

Education...Diagnosis...Treatment...Research...a bundle of knowledge in a one-day clinic and evaluation like no other.  The PancMD video series introduces you to the Johns Hopkins experts who gather their knowledge and expertise for patients in the Pancreatic Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic.

Meet the Experts

Medical Oncology - Meet Dr. Daniel Laheru, who uses our best medicines and research, to fight pancreatic cancer. He discusses how a team approach to care enhances how pancreatic cancer is treated.

Nutrition -- Meet Mary Eve Brown, a registered dietician, who discusses the pancreas' role in digestion and offers nutrition and diet health tips for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Radiology -- Meet the map reader - Dr. Elliott Fishman.  He'll tell you how the best imaging tools and map readers are keys to guiding treatment paths in pancreatic cancer.

Surgery -- Meet Dr. Chris Wolfgang who will discuss how surgery is used to treat pancreatic cancer.  You'll learn about the types of surgeries, including the Whipple procedure and laparoscopic surgery, how often it can be used and outcomes.

Genetics -- Meet Alison Klein, Director of the National Familial Pancreas Tumor Registry at Johns Hopkins. She will discusses the role of genetics in pancreatic cancer. 

Clinical Trials and Cancer Vacines --Meet Immunology Research Nurse, Beth Onners, who will explain clinical trials and pancreatic cancer vaccines. 

Triage Nurse --  Meet Mary Hodgin, triage nurse of the pancreatic multidisciplinary clinic. She will discuss her role in preparing patients and families for their visit to the clinic. Mary ensures new patients have access to the best clinicians to provide effective and efficient evaluation for treatment and care.

Pain Management -- Meet  Michael Erdek, pain specialist and member of the pancreatic multidisciplinary clinic. Michael will discuss pain management and pancreatic cancer. His job is to evaluate the level of pain for each patient and prescribe a treatment.

Nurse Practitioner -- Meet Nurse Practitioner, Barb Biedrzycki. Barb will discuss her role in ensuring patients and their families understand their options and treatment recommendations. 

PancMD - Medical Oncology

PancMD - Nutrition

PancMD - Radiology

PancMD - Surgery - Dr. Chris Wolfgang

PancMD - Cancer & Genetics

PancMD - Clinical Trials & Cancer Vaccines

PancMD - Triage Nurse

PancMD - Pain Management

PancMD - Nurse Practitioner


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