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High Throughput Biology – HIT Center

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The High Throughput Biology Center, or HiT Center, of the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental effort led by Dr. Jef Boeke and Dr. Min Li. The five independent research labs that make up the HiT Center push the frontiers of research technologies and apply those techniques to fundamental questions of biology.

The five current faculty in the HiT Center combine approaches from a variety of disciplines including biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and engineering with the goal of selectively using high-throughput techniques to accelerate hypothesis-driven research and to speed development of new hypotheses.

In addition to its active research programs, the HiT Center's four core components offer resources to study interactions of chemical compounds, gene products, cells and organisms and the networks formed by these interactions. The Microarray Core offers hybridization and analysis services and the Proteomics Core provides mass spectrometry services and other protein-analyzing services. ChemCore is a compound screening and robotics service with access to compound libraries, skill in assay development, and the capability to deliver gene-specific reagents such as RNAi.  The Protein Microarray Core has developed protein microarrays for use in a broad range of applications and offers consultation on assay development.

All four core services are located on the third floor of the recently completed Edward D. Miller Research Building. Besides standard offerings, scientific collaboration with HiT Center faculty can lead to technological solutions to research problems.


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