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Science: Out of the Box

Programming Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct | Science: Out of the Box

Johns Hopkins biomedical engineer Jordan Green talks about a goal of his research: making nanoparticles that could program cancer cells to self-destruct.

Muscling DNA Around Using Protein Nanomachines | Science: Out of the Box

Johns Hopkins biophysicist James Berger explains why he studies the nanomachines that pry apart and untangle DNA.

Shining Light on Cellular Processes | Seeing Molecules at Work

Johns Hopkins' molecular biologist Jin Zhang explains how she uses light to see where and when within cells specific molecular processes occur and what happens when they go wrong.

Building Stronger Brain Cell Connections | Science: Out of the Box

Johns Hopkins' neuroscientist Mollie Meffert explains how brain cells use microRNAs to grow new connections to "talk" to each other and store memories.

Stopping Breast Cancer Leader Cells

Johns Hopkins’ cell biologist Andy Ewald explains his latest finding on how breast cancer cells spread and how they might be stopped.


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