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Johns Hopkins 2015-16 Flu Campaign

Qualified Exceptions | Vaccine Received Elsewhere | Policy| Online Departmental Influenza Report

2015-2016 FLU Season update: JHH is still seeing a large amount of flu cases as of May 6, 2016.  Those staff required to mask within 6 feet of patients due to an exception must continue to mask until further notice.  Remember, it is imperative for staff members to stay home if they are sick to avoid transmission to patients and fellow staff members. If Staff members are out with the flu, flu like symptoms, or fever, they must be cleared thru Occupational Health before returning to work regardless the amount of days off duty.

The Johns Hopkins Institutions require health care providers to have annual influenza vaccination or possess an approved qualified exception.  If vaccinated outside of Johns Hopkins, a proof of immunization must be provided to Occupational Health Services to receive credit for the vaccination.

The Influenza vaccine is available for Physicians, Faculty, Staff, Employees, Students and Volunteers by Occupational Health Services through June 30, 2016 for the 2015-2016 season. Influenza Vaccinations can be obtained by appointment at the East Baltimore OHS office at 98 Broadway, Suite 421 (Call 410-955-6211) and the Homewood OHS office (call 410-516-0450) or staff can walk-in at Blalock 144 (Hours 7a-3:30P). Staff must present with their John Hopkins issued badge to obtain their Influenza Vaccination.

Have questions about the mandatory flu vaccination policy? Read these FAQs

Qualified Exceptions

Vaccine Received Elsewhere


Johns Hopkins Medicine

According to the new Mandatory Influenza Vaccination policy (HSE048) everyone must receive the influenza vaccine or possess an approved qualified exception as defined by the above policy. The vaccine is provided free to all physicians, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and personnel who work in the hospital. Vendors must show proof of having received the influenza vaccine before conducting business or working within the Johns Hopkins patient or clinical care areas.

As defined by the above policy, everyone who has not received the influenza vaccine must wear a mask within 6 feet of a patient during the flu season. The specific dates of this requirement are based on the influenza activity in the community and will be communicated widely to staff. Vaccinated staff will receive teal ID badge clip. Those who do not have a teal ID badge clip will be required to wear a mask.

Hospital policy (IFC022) states that staff members with a fever must stay home. Personnel who have respiratory symptoms but no fever can work, but they must wear a surgical mask. Please refer to the above respiratory policy for guidance concerning employees who become ill at work with flu-like symptoms.

Have questions about the mandatory flu vaccination policy?

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