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Your Gifts at Work

With generous donations from individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the community, the Howard Hospital Foundation is able to help the hospital develop vital new programs and purchase state-of-the-art equipment to continually improve patient care.

Please view the video below to hear from a mother whose baby benefited from our hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU):

We also administer scholarships for aspiring nurses, funded by community members and businesses interested in developing talented and compassionate health care professionals for today -- and tomorrow.

Most recently, the Foundation has helped fund these technologically-advanced machines:

Videostrobe Patients who come to Howard County General Hospital for speech therapy often also receive voice therapy. The videostrobe is a high-tech machine that provides HCGH staff with an extremely close-up view of a patient's vocal chords, so they can identify and assess nodules or cysts and send images and critical feedback to surgeons.

Portable Electric Fetal Monitoring Machine This new, lightweight machine is key to helping HCGH staff monitor pregnant moms and their babies. Fetal movement, heart rate, and even moms' contractions can all be quickly and easily monitored, helping assess the progress of a baby during pregnancy. A welcome upgrade from a heavier and more cumbersome model, this machine provides even more accurate data thanks to updated technology.

Defibrillator HCGH staff is grateful to have another of these life-saving devices close at hand to help restore normal heart rhythms in patients by delivering a therapeutic electrical shock to the heart.

Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump The most advanced version of this machine, this recent purchase incorporates the latest technology to assist in caring for patients with heart-related issues. It augments blood flow to the heart and provides critical support to the heart function of patients who have had heart attacks or who are having life-saving procedures such as angioplasty.


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