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Judge Lab Members


Dan Judge is an Associate Professor of Medicine/Cardiology. He received his medical training (MD) at University of Pennsylvania in 1993 and did residency and fellowship training at Johns Hopkins. His post-doctoral research with Hal Dietz in the Johns Hopkins Institute of Genetic Medicine focused on investigation of Marfan syndrome and related aortic diseases. Dan developed several murine models of this condition, and his work led to improved understanding of the roles of FBN1 haploinsufficiency and dysregulation of TGF? in the development of aortic aneurysms. He joined the faculty in 2000, continuing his investigation of heritable connective tissue diseases. Over the past 4 years, his research has broadened to include several other inherited forms of cardiovascular disease.

Lab manager:

Nuria Amat-Codina, MS


Yan Chen, PhD


Boon Yew Tan MBChB, MRCP

Rohan Wagle, MD

Michelle Zikusoka, MD


Mark Awad, MD, PhD – Massachusetts General Hospital (Internal Medicine residency)

Sharmila Basu, MS – Cleveland Clinic Medical School (medical student)

A. Dénise den Haan, MD – Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre (PhD candidate)