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Judge Lab Funding

Ongoing Funding Sources:

1 R21 HL088072-01 Judge (PI) 04/04/2007 to 3/31/2010 (NCE)
“Genetic Investigation of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia” The goal of this project is to develop improved methods of detection of pathogenic mutations in people with ARVD, utilizing novel techniques and looking at mRNA and cDNA.
Role: PI

The Hartwell Foundation Judge (PI) 04/1/08-3/31/11
“Pathogenesis and therapy of ARVD, a common cause of sudden cardiac death in young athletes” This grant application seeks funding for continued development of a murine model of arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, as well as testing of therapies to delay or prevent this condition.
Role: PI

MITRAL Levine (PI) 10/1/07 to 9/30/2012
Leducq Foundation
“Mitral Valve Disease: From Genetic Mechanisms to Improved Repair”
The goal of this multi-center collaboration is to improve understanding of the pathogenesis of myxomatous mitral valve prolapse, and to develop improved therapies for this condition based on molecular characterization.
Role: Core Member

Completed Research Support, past 3 years:

K08 HL067056 Judge (PI) 04/01/03 to 3/31/08
“Pathogenesis and Therapy of Marfan Cardiovascular Disease”
The major goal of this grant was to elucidate the mechanisms by which alterations in fibrillin-1 lead to the cardiovascular manifestations of Marfan syndrome.
Role: PI

D.W. Reynolds Foundation Marbán (PI) 10/01/03 to 6/30/07
“Expression profiling and proteomic biomarkers of sudden cardiac death” This project within the Johns Hopkins D.W. Reynolds Center sought to define the genetic and proteomic characteristics of substrates and triggers that predispose to sudden cardiac death.
Role: Associate Investigator

“Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death” 7/01/07-9/30/10
Leducq Foundation
PI: Jean-Jacques Schott (INSERM Nantes) and Dan Roden (Vanderbilt)
The overall goal of this funded network is to facilitate collaboration on research investigating genetic and molecular causes of sudden cardiac death.
Role: Collaborator