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Hopkins Patient with Venous Ulcers Finds Help [Transcription]

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I was diagnosed with a venous ulcer resulting from venous insufficiency. The first one started really as an…as an insect bite that wouldn’t heal, but that was kind of a disguise of sorts because the second one had nothing to do with that. And so, when I got the second one, I realized it was reacting exactly as the first one had, and I went to the dermatologist who had treated me the first time, and I said, “What’s going on here?” She said, “I think you need a higher level of care,” and she said, “I think you need to go to Johns Hopkins.” And those were her exact words to me.

I came to the Johns Hopkins Vein Clinic and saw Dr. Jennifer Heller. I felt I needed to understand the problem thoroughly and she was very good at explaining that. She understood that I wanted information and that we would discuss how my ulcer would be treated and what I could expect to happen going forward.

What we had to do was to get the ulcer to heal since it needed to heal from the inside, you had to keep medication on it and you had to keep it basically protected while the healing was going on. And about halfway through treatment, I had a minor procedure and she repaired the vein that had caused the problem in the first place.

I have a – I have confidence in her. She’s good at giving the feedback that you need and I appreciated that. Eventually the ulcer was healed, I was told I needed to wear support stockings pretty much all the time to prevent or to at least reduce the risk of recurrence. And fortunately I have not had any more trouble. I have lots of good reasons to be on my feet and an ulcer is not in that game plan.

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