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The Dana & Albert "Cubby" Broccoli Center for Aortic Diseases

World-renowned expertise and medical resources

As one of the few centers in the world that truly focuses on aortic diseases, the Broccoli Center brings together leading physicians and scientists in clinical and laboratory research, at the nation's best hospital. This cohesive program provides a continuing opportunity to make key advances in the field of aortic diseases, while offering the highest level of care and treatment available anywhere in the world.

A unique multidisciplinary approach to definitive treatment

The Broccoli Center treats a large number of patients with aortic diseases--from newborns to the elderly. With a Marfan clinic established in 1950 by Dr. Victor McKusick, Johns Hopkins Hospital has the world's longest experience with surgery for Marfan aorta disease. Our surgical teams include specialists in cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, radiology, anesthesia, and neurological monitoring, assuring the best possible surgical outcomes, and minimizing the risk of complications.

Complete support services and patient orientation

We offer a wide range of support services, working with your personal physician from initial consultation through recovery. Once you've been referred to the Broccoli Center, we'll help to expedite transportation arrangements, and to provide information concerning your progress. Communication between your physician and the Broccoli Center team continues during every step of your treatment, putting the team's expertise at your physician's disposal, even after you're discharged.

Want to know more?

If you have any other questions about aortic aneurysms, your doctor will be happy to discuss the topic with you further. Or call the Dana and Albert "Cubby" Broccoli Center at Johns Hopkins 443-997-0270.