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Gynecology & Obstetrics
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Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a process where patients receive targeted beams of radiation to kill cancer cells and halt the potential spread of the disease. Our doctors’ approach to radiation therapy makes the Johns Hopkins Kelly Gynecologic Oncology Service a nationally recognized treatment center for cancers of the female reproductive tract.

Overview of Radiation Therapy Treatment

  1. All patients have a consultation with one of our specialized radiation oncologists, who only work with gynecologic cancer patients.
  2. A personalized simulation for each patient is created. The patient will be positioned on the machine and a radiation template is built specifically for that patient—for targeting the tumor and minimizing damage to healthy tissue
  3. Depending on your treatment plan created for each patient, the length and duration of your treatment will vary. Your radiation nurse who coordinates your treatment will be able to give your more information about how long you should expect treatment to last.

Learn More

Find out more about Johns Hopkins Radiation Oncology services for cervical and endometrial cancers.

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