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Research Mentoring and Support

Services Offered

Dr. Frederick Brancati is the Senior Faculty Advisor for this research program. He is enthusiastic about talking to housestaff about ideas, helping clarify methodologic issues, suggesting faculty mentors, and being a general resource. Please approach Dr. Brancati first about overall design, and then he'll bring Dr. Jessica Yeh in to implement plans as they firm up.

Dr. Jessica Yeh (email), a PhD epidemiologist and faculty member in General Internal Medicine and Epidemiology, will be working closely with Dr. Brancati to support all aspects of the projects, in particular data collection form development, data management, and statistical analysis.

If you already have a faculty mentor—that’s great. You can still use our services. Dr. Brancati is available for consultation about design and Dr. Yeh can still help with the nuts and bolts if your faculty mentor doesn’t already have someone with those skills in their research shops.

The Osler Fund for Scholarship

The Osler Fund for Scholarship is helping to support Housestaff-initiated or Housestaff-propagated research projects in a variety of new and creative ways. To this end, Housestaff are encouraged to propose research questions and ideas to committee members that could make use of the data collected from patients on the Osler Service and elsewhere. The Program will delineate assistance based on the types of proposals submitted (e.g., retrospective chart/data reviews based on clinical questions that have arisen based on Housestaff experience; small prospective clinical trials that could make use of the Osler Service).

Please contact Dr. Sanjay Desai, to submit ideas for research projects/questions that you would like to see supported by the Osler Fund for Scholarship. The fund will provide seed money to initiate up to three studies. Feel free to contact Drs. Brancati or Merlo (or any other faculty mentors) to refine your ideas, and review the Tools for Housestaff Research for essential resources.



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