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SGIM Annual Meeting, May 2011


First there is research. GIM Fellow Dr. Reza Alavi
explains his poster to other SGIM attendees.


GIM faculty member Dr. Claire Snyder
with her research poster.

Charles 1

GIM Fellow Dr. Charles Jonassaint
makes a presentation.


GIM faculty member Dr. Gail Berkenblit
with the results of her research.

Kim 1

GIM Fellow Dr. Kimberly Gudzune delivers a talk.


A proud GIM Fellow, Dr. Anne Monroe, after
being presented  the 2011 SGIM Linn Award.


GIM faculty stalwarts, Drs. Claire Snyder and Jodi Segal.


GIM Fellow Dr. Letitia Wright discusses her 
research with an interested attendee.

Saul 1

Another GIM Fellow makes a presentation--
this time it's Dr. Saul Blecker.


GIM faculty member Dr. Sonal Singh
with his research poster.


Yes, that is GIM faculty member Dr. Zackary Berger,
the same one whose name is on the poster behind him.


GIM Fellow Dr. Saul Blecker (center) describes
his research to GIM faculty member Dr. Zackary
Berger (r.) and another interested scholar. 


GIM Fellow Dr. Reza Alavi supported by two GIM
 faculty dynamos, his co-authors Dr. Jeanne Clark (l.)
and Dr. Gail Daumit (r.).


The poster aisles are a good place to run into
friends old and new. Here are former GIM 
Fellows, Dr. Ana Palacio and Leo Tamariz.

Now, time to enjoy the annual Hopkins GIM Dinner!


Where else in Phoenix but a Mexican restaurant?
Especially since it is Cinco de Mayo.


Former GIM Fellows Drs. Leo Tamariz and Michael
Paasche-Orlow demonstrate how to cool off in Phoenix.


GIM faculty members Dr. Jessica Yeh (l.) and
Dr. Geetanjali Chander (r.) catch up with
former GIM Fellow Dr. Ana Palacio.


GIM faculty member Dr. Eric Bass says a
   few words of welcome to the diners.   


Former GIM Fellow Dr. Bruce Rollman with Dr. Albert Wu.


Some are bigger partiers than others.
Dr. Gail Berkenblit and her daughter.


Former GIM Fellows Drs. Shari Bolen and Stephanie Chang.   


A happy group! From left, Drs. Ana Palacios,
Letitia Wright, Lipika Samal and Steven Kravet.




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