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Elder House Call Program

Many older adults have chronic medical conditions—such as arthritis, heart failure, dementia, or other illnesses—that make it difficult or impossible for them to go to their doctors’ offices. Through the Johns Hopkins Elder House Call Program (EHCP), located in Baltimore, Maryland, physicians and other health care professionals visit participants at home. 

What you can expect

Patients in the program can expect to:

  • Receive routine medical visits usually every three months and more frequent visits when necessary
  • Be treated by providers who specialize in working with older adults, including geriatricians (medical doctors specializing in caring for older adults), geriatricians in training, internal medicine residents, and geriatrics nurse practitioners
  • Receive skilled services, such as nursing, social work, and physical therapy, from the Johns Hopkins Home Care Group, a Medicare-certified home health agency

In addition, program coordinators are available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. They can relay messages and questions to doctors and other health care professionals throughout the day.

Urgent issues are managed by a physician or nurse practitioner initially over the phone and, if necessary, in a home visit within a few days.

Emergencies are sent to local hospitals via emergency medical services (EMS or 911).

Eligibility and more information

Our coordinators can help determine if a person is an appropriate patient for the Elder House Call Program. Call 410-550-0931 for more information on how to qualify for the program and details about how it works.

Medicare and many other types of insurance cover physician services in the home just like an office visit.


Refer a Patient

To refer a patient for a geriatric care consultation, please contact us at 410-550-0925.


Health Tips for Older Adults

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