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Schedule an Appointment
Schedule an Appointment
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To schedule an appointment with the Fertility Center at Johns Hopkins please use the following contact information.

For personal appointments:410-616-7140. 
International patients: 410-955-8032 or 410-583-2753
Appointment Request Online:

Infertility Patients:Laura, Patient Navigator  410-583-2753

Mailing address:

Johns Hopkins at Green Spring Station
10753 Falls Road, Suite 335
Lutherville, Maryland 21093
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Preparing for your first appointment

If this is your first appointment, we need the following from you:

  1. Pertinent medical records, including your partner’s semen analysis (if any).
  2. Pathology reports and slides (if any).
  3. Radiology reports and films (i.e., HSG, if any).
  4. Medical insurance cards.
  5. Insurance referrals from your primary care physician(s).  This information MUST be available at the time of the first appointment (fax to 410-583-2792).
  6. Completed History Form.  » Download History Form PDF
  7. Diary of your menstrual cycles (start/stop dates) for the recent past.

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