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Emergency Medicine

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Center for Advanced Modeling

Welcome to the Center for Advanced Modeling in the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences!

The Johns Hopkins Center for Advanced Modeling (CAM) is a University-wide research center devoted to transformative synthetic modeling across the social, behavioral, and health sciences.

Agent_Zero: Joshua Epstein's New Book Published

Agent_Zero by Joshua Epstein

"In this pioneering synthesis, Joshua Epstein introduces a new theoretical entity: Agent_Zero. This software individual, or "agent," is endowed with distinct emotional/affective, cognitive/deliberative, and social modules. Grounded in contemporary neuroscience, these internal components interact to generate observed, often far-from-rational, individual behavior. When multiple agents of this new type move and interact spatially, they collectively generate an astonishing range of dynamics spanning the fields of social conflict, psychology, public health, law, network science, and economics."- The Princeton University Press

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Distinguished Lecture

Joshua Epstein, Ph.D. recently was honored to provide a Distinguished Lecture at the Institute for Computational Medicine.

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Our Space

CAM is based in extensive new space at the Johns Hopkins Mount Washington Campus, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. In addition to being a world leader in computational modeling, CAM is designed to be a welcoming and vibrant cross-roads for the whole university, and a place where students and faculty at all levels will come, to learn, to share ideas, and to brainstorm on the glass windows of our conference room. We like to say that the “real” Center for Advanced Modeling is the university!