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Sauer, Lauren, M.S.

Lauren Sauer

Research Associate


Boston University, BA, Geophysics and Planetary Science
Towson University, MS, Health System Preparedness, Homeland Security Management


Ms. Sauer is a research associate in the Department of Emergency Medicine where she studies quality of aid in response to disasters and the effects of disasters on healthcare infrastructure. She joined the department in 2005 and became research faculty in 2011. Ms. Sauer is also the Program Manager for the National Center for Preparedness and Catastrophic Event Response, a Homeland Security Center of Excellence. She is the current co-chair for the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine’s Disaster Interest Group and the Co-Director for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine disaster course. 

She is a Core Team Leader on the Johns Hopkins Go Team, a deployable Medical Asset. She has worked remotely and on the ground on several disaster responses including Hurricane Katrina, the 2009 California Wildfires, the Haiti earthquake and the Pakistan floods.  Ms Sauer has spoken both nationally and internationally on a variety of disaster medicine topics and has participated in the US Navy’s Continuing Promise missions in 2010 and 2011 and Pacific Partnership Mission in 2012. She has authored and co-authored numerous publications in disaster medicine, public health preparedness and surge capacity metrics.

Research Interests

  1. Disaster Impact Assessments
  2. Volunteerism in Disasters
  3. Quality of Aid in Disaster Response
  4. Hospital Surge Capacity

Recent Publications

  1. Levin S, Sauer LM, Kelen GD, Kirsch TD, Pham J, Desai S, France D.  Situation Awareness in the Emergency Department.  IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering. 23 Apr 2012
  2. Kirsch TD, Perrin P, Burkle FM, Canny W, Purdin S, Lin W, Sauer L.  Requirements for Independent Community-Based Quality Assessment and Accountability Practices in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Activities.  Prehosp Disaster Med. 2012 Jun 13:1-6
  3. Kirsch TD, Sauer LM, Sapir-Gupta D. Analysis of the International and U.S. Response to the Haiti Earthquake: Recommendations for Change. Dis Med and Pub Health Prep.  In Press

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Recent Grants

  1. Investigator and Program Manager:  National Center for the Study of Preparedness and Catastrophic Event Response, US Department of Homeland Security (USDHS N00014-06-1-0991)

Opportunities for Residents

  1. Quality Metrics for Disaster Response
  2. Impact of the 2010 Pakistan Floods
  3. Impact of the Haiti Earthquake
  4. Spontaneous Volunteer Management
  5. Surge Capacity Metrics
  6. Situational Awareness in the Emergency Department