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David Broniatowski Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Broniatowski, D. A., and Christopher L. Magee. "Does Seating Location Impact Voting Behavior on Food and Drug Administration Advisory Committees?." American Journal of Therapeutics (submitted and accepted in 2011, but will be published in Sept/Oct 2013 issue).

Working Papers

  1. Broniatowski, D.A., and V.F. Reyna, "A Mathematical Theory of Qualitative Decision-Making" (submitted to Cognitive Psychology)
  2. Broniatowski, D. A., M. Paul, and M. Dredze. “Tracking the Flu with Twitter: Limits and Opportunities” (Presented at MIDAS 2013 conference).  Journal version in preparation under the name Broniatowski, David A., Michael Paul, and Mark Dredze. "National and Local Influenza Surveillance through Twitter: An Analysis of the 2012-2013 Influenza Epidemic" to be submitted this week.
  3. Broniatowski, D. A., E. Klein, and V.  F. Reyna. “Patient Expectations Regarding Antibiotics: A Pilot Study” to be submitted within one month.
  4. Broniatowski, D. A., and J. Moses. “Analogies Between Complex Systems and Phases of Matter” (Presented at CESUN 2012 conference, Aug. 2012, Delft) -- journal version of this paper in preparation.
  5. Broniatowski, David A., and J. Skvoretz. “Status Orders in Task Groups as Precedence Networks:  An Application of Author-Topic Models to Discussion in Mixed Status Groups” (Abstract Presented at Sunbelt Social Networks 2013 conference) -- journal version of this paper in preparation.
  6. Broniatowski, D.A., and C.L. Magee, "A Method to Study the Emergence and Collapse of Knowledge Boundaries"