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DNA Diagnostic Laboratory

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DNA Diagnostic Laboratory

When considering molecular genetic testing, there is nothing more important than the clinical laboratory’s  commitment to diagnostic accuracy.  At the Johns Hopkins DNA Diagnostic Laboratory – a non-profit, academic service lab established in 1979 – we fulfill this commitment through insistence on high quality data and comprehensive result interpretation. The highest of standards, where modern medicine was pioneered – that’s what the world has come to expect from Johns Hopkins. 

How to Order Tests and Panels


New Telomere Shortening Disorders Spectrum NGS panel
—The lab is now offering a new test, the Telomere Shortening Disorders Spectrum NGS panel.  This test represents an expansion of our previous TERT and TERC sequencing tests and includes NGS sequencing and deletion/duplication analysis for  8 genes. 

Improved test search
—We've enhanced our test catalog with new search and filter options to make it easier to find the tests you're looking for.