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A Woman's Journey - Baltimore

Dear Friends,

After two decades, A Woman’s Journey remains profoundly personal.

This annual Johns Hopkins Medicine women’s health program reminds us that no one escapes the ravages of disease. Like us and those close to us, you too probably have confronted ill health. Whether you have survived cancer or heart disease, or have combated GI issues, emotional distress or other health issues, we have come to value our health and want to stay well.

The initial step for most of us is to acquire information. That’s why Johns Hopkins Medicine is proud to invite you to attend its award-winning health program, A Woman’s Journey. This one-day event is devoted to keeping you up to date with the latest health findings. It is a rare opportunity to learn from Johns Hopkins physicians and faculty members engaged in exploration to better understand the root causes and new treatments for diseases. Research has demonstrated that exercise, diet and lifestyle are paramount, but we also have learned that genetics, inflammation, the environment and simply bad luck play a role in contracting disease.

For one day, gather with other women to gain vital information that will help you make informed health care decisions, live well, and improve your health and the health of those you love. Attend this award-winning program and take this day for yourself. A Woman’s Journey will inspire you. Discover the benefits of knowledge and walk away empowered.

In a single day, you have the opportunity to learn about a scope of health issues—from itching to precision medicine to achieving a balanced gut.

Join us for A Woman’s Journey on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015, at the Baltimore Hilton Hotel.

We urge you to register today. Whatever your generation, share this day with your family and friends, or come by yourself to learn from Johns Hopkins doctors and faculty members and from one another.

We hope to see you there.


Mollye Block         Harriet Legum
Co-Chair               Co-Chair


A Woman’s Journey is grateful for the generous support of our corporate and media sponsors.


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Dr. Karen Swartz's breakfast keynote presentation from
the Baltimore
2014 conference.

Mrs. Sharon Percy Rockefeller's luncheon keynote presentation
from the Baltimore 2014 conference.

What People are Saying...
"The day gives me a chance to learn, to be inspired to make changes, to have discussions with others, to be grateful for my health, and appreciate the importance of good health care."

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