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Audio Interviews

Hear about how the Anne and Mike Armstrong Medical Education building at the School of Medicine was designed specifically to support the new Genes to Society curriculum.

Dr. Ed Miller, Dean/CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine (mp3 file)

Program notes:

0:19 Certainly is a big change
1:10 You need to be able to take advantage of new technologies
2:02 The committee continued to work to fulfill needs
3:01 If you go to the lecture hall you see synthesis
4:01 Some people learn differently
4:44 Curriculum puts clinical education right at the beginning
5:29 The message I would give the medical students
5:52 End

Dr. David Nichols and Dr. Patricia Thomas, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine(mp3 file)

Program notes:

0:06 David Nichols, vice dean for education
0:12 Pat Thomas, associate dean for curriculum
0:33 A curriculum six years in the making
1:09 The term “bench to bedside”
2:02 Provides the full spectrum
3:03 Patient safety, a hot topic
3:23 Students will be thinking where along the way they can make an impact on patient health
4:08 The building is a welcoming environment for the students
5:02 Tremendous amounts of technology
6:13 Understanding why one patient has minor symptoms and another is critically ill
7:03 End