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Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality

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eLearning in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

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The Armstrong Institute provides engaging, interactive and practical eLearning experiences to help health care professionals at all levels contribute to safe, high-quality care. Unlike many compliance-focused courses, the online courses in myLearning@Armstrong encourage critical thinking and provide frequent opportunities for participants to apply new concepts to realistic scenarios.

Register at any time for these self-paced modules.

Among the programs available:

  • Patient Safety Certificate ProgramLearn core patient safety concepts and tools to be an effective patient safety champion in your hospital, clinical department or unit/clinic. Continuing education credits are available for this 13-module program. Seven and four-module programs also available.
  • Becoming a Patient Safety Hero. Five short modules provide key concepts to help all health care professionals understand how to create a strong patient safety culture and fix flawed systems. Participants can select the path based on their work setting — inpatient, outpatient, home care or nonclinical. 
  • Foundations of CUSP. Gain the knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to launch and sustain an effective Comprehensive Unit-based Safety team. Modules can be taken alone or in combination with a one-day CUSP workshop.

Register as an individual learner or bring these online learning experiences to employees across your organization. Contact us about bulk discounts and custom bundles.

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