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Editorial Services

Claire Levine, Manager, Editorial Services

As part of the Research and Grants Office, the Editorial Services team provides ACCM Research faculty, fellows, and staff editorial assistance with all types of publications including, but not limited to grants, manuscripts, posters, abstracts, books, and presentations.

If you’d like to work with Editorial Services, please contact Claire Levine at .

Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Editorial Office Policy Statement

Projects sent to the Editorial Office must first be approved by the submitter’s PI (if the submitter is not the PI).

When an author sends a project to the Editorial Office, he/she should include any deadlines that must be met, where the grant or manuscript will be submitted, and any special instructions stipulated by the publisher (e.g., word/page limits, font size, margin size).

Editors will make every effort to shorten the length of abstracts, grants, and other documents as necessary, but we can not guarantee that the length requirements will be met.

The authors are responsible for the content of all documents.

Authors must use the Track Changes feature when returning revised documents for additional editing.

The primary author is responsible for obtaining approval from all authors before submission of manuscripts.

It is the authors’ responsibility to obtain necessary permissions for the use of previously published figures or tables. The Editorial Office can provide guidance in this area.

The Editorial Office is not responsible for checking the accuracy of the bibliographic references. We recommend using EndNote, Reference Manager, or RefWorks software to help ensure accuracy in both content and formatting of the reference list. A member of the Editorial Office is available to provide training in the usage of these software programs.

Members of the Editorial Office will assist in manuscript submissions but will not take sole responsibility for submissions. One author must be present during the submission process.

The Editorial Office guarantees that the turn-around time will be no more than 1 week for a grant proposal, and no more than 2 weeks for an article or book chapter manuscript (depending on size), although the actual time is likely to be much less.

An author can request that the Editorial Office proofread page proofs for an article, but at least one author must proofread them as well.

Book Projects

If a faculty member would like a member of the Editorial Office to serve as “editorial manager” for a book project, such requests will be considered on an individual basis. Issues to consider would be scope of the “editorial manager’s” duties, level of responsibility and interaction with invited authors and the publisher, time investment, possible salary remuneration to the department (via grant from the publisher).