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Sponsored Projects Office

To Contact the ACCM Sponsored Projects Office:

The members of the Sponsored Projects Office assist faculty members from the grant proposal pre-award aspects of grant funding through the post-award process. In the pre-award stage, the highly trained analysts assist faculty in developing the budget proposal and complete the required forms for NIH grants and various foundations. Furthermore, they act as liaisons between the faculty members and the Johns Hopkins Office of Research Administration to ensure that grants are accurately submitted to the various agencies.

In addition, the financial analysts monitor all expenditures for each grant, including salaries, and report to the faculty member on a regularly basis. The office also assists with progress reports, close-out of grants, and various other finance-related activities.

In the post-award cycle, the Sponsored Projects Office is responsible for closing the accounts and assisting the investigators in preparing the final accounting reports, which will be sent to the various foundations and agencies.