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Obstetric Anesthesia at Johns Hopkins

Dr. Jamie Murphy
Dr. Jamie Murphy, MD,
Director of Obstetric Anesthesia

The birth of your child may be one of the most momentous occasions in your life.  The division of Obstetrical Anesthesiology at Johns Hopkins University Hospital is dedicated to providing safe and effective anesthesia and pain relief for all of our expecting mothers. From routine childbirth to the most complex of medical cases we specialize in making your childbirth experience as safe and pleasant as possible for you and your baby. 

As specialist with clinical expertise in obstetric anesthesia, we provide a wide range of anesthetic services to a complex population composed of high risk obstetrics, in vitro fertilization, and normal pregnancies.  With 5 fellowship trained obstetric anesthesiologists on staff we are one of the most highly specialized labor and delivery services in the region.  Our team works hand in hand with your obstetricians and nurses to form an integrative team approach to labor and delivery focused on providing you with a safe and positive delivery experience.   While 80% of our patients receive some form of regional analgesia this method of pain relief is not required or mandatory for every child birth experience.    We are available on the labor and delivery suite 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide you and your family with the information necessary to make an informed decision  in regards to your pain relief plan. 

In addition if you have a medical condition that your obstetrician is concerned may impact your options for delivery and anesthesia, you may be asked to consult with us prior to your delivery date.  During that time our team will gather all the necessary information to form a safe and effective anesthetic plan to keep you and your baby as safe and comfortable as possible during your delivery and recovery thereafter. 


Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds take place Thursdays at 7 AM in Hurd Hall.

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