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The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation and Johns Hopkins Medicine Legal Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Legal Department of the Johns Hopkins Health System and Johns Hopkins Medicine is to further the strategic goals and to protect and preserve the legal, ethical and financial integrity and the reputation of The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation and its affiliates (“JHHS”) and of Johns Hopkins Medicine (“JHM”). This is accomplished by providing strategic legal advice to the JHHS/JHM organizations and seeking to ensure that they conduct their activities in accordance with applicable law and accreditation standards and consistently with the mission, vision, and values of the JHHS/JHM organizations.

Contact Information

General Counsel, JHHS
G. Daniel Shealer Jr., Esquire: 410-955-6099

Kimberly Bailey, Esquire: 410-955-4132

Attorney on Call
410-955-6070 - paging operator

General Counsel, JHM
Joanne E. Pollak, Esquire: 410-614-3323

Services Provided

Business Attorneys

Responsible for negotiation of business transactions and preparation of documents and agreements related to business, corporate, and real estate matters, including international transactions.

  • Peter Mancino, Esquire: 410-502-3360
  • Samuel H. Clark Jr., Esquire: 410-735-7617
  • Ryan Mannion, Esquire: 410-735-7093
  • Vadim Schick, Esquire: 410-614-7015

Labor and Employment Attorneys

Responsible for interpretation of and compliance with various employment laws and regulations and collective bargaining agreements and advice on design and content of employment related agreements and policies.

  • Barnett Brooks, Esquire: 410-735-6662
  • Laurice D. Royal, Esquire: 410-735-6515
  • Nakita Green, Esquire: 410-735-6514
  • Sarah Anderson, Esquire: 410-735-4474

Information Technology and Commercial Transactions Attorneys

Responsible for review, analysis and negotiation of all types of contracts, especially purchase and sale, information technology, independent contractor, affiliation, and service agreements.

  • Annette R. Fries, Esquire: 410-735-6505
  • Daryl Sue Caplan, Esquire: 410-735-6510
  • Jeremy Goldman, Esquire: 410-735-6506
  • Rachel Wilson, Esquire: 410-735-4111

Risk Management, Patient Care and Medical Staff Attorneys

Responsible for legal advice regarding patient care, medical staff, and ethics issues.

Margaret R. Garrett, Esquire
Risk Management/Patient Care

Susan Longley, Esquire
Risk Management/Patient Care

Karey McDonough, Esquire
Patient Care and Medical Staff

Jeffrey Natterman, Esquire
Risk Management/Patient Care

Barbara Hirsch, Esquire
Risk Management/Patient Care

Adrienne Dixon, Esquire
Risk Management/Patient Care

Stephanie Sher, Esquire

Claims and Litigation Attorney

Responsible for advice on matters related to Johns Hopkins Medicine professional liability and general liability claims and risk management issues.

  • Kimberly Bailey: 410-955-4132
  • Stephanie Mackowiak, Esquire (Reimbursement matters): 410-955-8577
  • Deborah Parraz, Esquire: 410-614-7301

HIPAA Attorney

Responsible for advice on all aspects of regulations adopted under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, including privacy, security, and electronic transactions.

  • Donald L. Bradfield, Esquire: 410-735-6502
  • Pamela Rayne, Esquire: 410-735-7607

Research and Graduate Medical Education Compliance

In cooperation with The Johns Hopkins University General Counsel’s Office, several attorneys within the office provide advice with respect to research and graduate medical education compliance, including IRB matters and graduate medical education procedures. Those who regularly advise in these matters are:

  • Joanne E. Pollak, Esquire: 410-614-3323
  • Jennifer J. Kulynych, Esquire: 410-955-6514