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Office Security

What does a thief look like? A thief looks like and can be anybody. Who could the thief be? It could be someone off the street, a legitimate visitor or even an employee.

A thief can be anyone!
A thief is an opportunist!
A thief wants to be quick!

Everyone can help reduce the chances of theft occurring in the workplace by employing these basic practices on a daily basis:

  • Always lock your office door, drawers and cabinets when you need to leave your workspace.
  • Never leave a laptop in an unlocked office, meeting area, or other unsecured area.
  • Never leave keys, money, checks or valuables of any kind out in plain view, in unsecured areas or in jacket or coat pockets.
  • Never leave packages near doorways, lobbies, in conference rooms, break rooms, cafeterias, rest rooms, on desks, etc.
  • Pay attention to people who do not belong in the areas where you work.
    • Engage such people by saying "Excuse me? You appear to be lost. May I help you?"
    • Pay attention to what they are wearing and other personal characteristics in case a description needs to be relayed to Security.
  • Report suspicious people or activity to security immediately. Give your name, department, phone extension, the location of the suspicious person and a description.
  • Be discreet. Never advertise plans for being away to visitors you don’t know or people calling your place of work.
  • Report broken or flickering lights, dimly lit corridors, doors and windows that are broken or don’t close or lock properly. Don’t assume someone else will do it.