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Tza-Huei Wang, Ph.D., M.S.

Tza-Huei Wang, Ph.D., M.S.

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  • Joint Appointment in Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

Conformational Dynamics of Biomolecules; Nano/Micro Scale Fabrication; Single Molecule Manipulation and Detection; BioMEMS and Microfluidics; Mechanical Engineering more



  • Joint Appointment in Biomedical Engineering
  • Joint Appointment in Medicine
  • Joint Appointment in Oncology

Departments / Divisions

Centers & Institutes



  • B.S.; National Taiwan University (Taiwan) (1992)
  • M.S.; National Taiwan University (Taiwan) (1994)
  • Ph.D.; University of California (Los Angeles) (California) (2002)

Research & Publications

Selected Publications

  1. Bailey, V.J.; Easwaran, H.; Zhang, Y.; Griffiths, E.; Belinsky, S.A.; Herman, J.G.; Baylin, S.B.; Carraway, H.E.; Wang, T.H. MS-qFRET: a quantum dot-based method for analysis of DNA methylation. Genome Res. 2009 Aug;19(8):1455-1461.
  2. Zhang, Y.; Bailey, V.; Puleo, C.M.; Easwaran, H.; Griffiths, E.; Herman, J.G.; Baylin, S.B.; Wang, T.H. DNA methylation analysis on a droplet-in-oil PCR array. Lab Chip. 2009 Apr 21;9(8):1059-1064.
  3. Bailey, V.J.; Keeley, B.P.; Zhang, Y.; Ho, Y.P.; Easwaran, H.; Brock, M.V.; Pelosky, K.L.; Carraway, H.E.; Baylin, S.B.; Herman, J.G.; Wang, T.H. Enzymatic incorporation of multiple dyes for increased sensitivity in QD-FRET sensing for DNA methylation detection. Chembiochem. 2010 Jan 4;11(1):71-74.
  4. Bailey, V.J.; Zhang, Y.; Keeley, B.P.; Yin, C.; Pelosky, K.L.; Brock, M.; Baylin, S.B.; Herman, J.G.; Wang, T.H. Single-tube analysis of DNA methylation with silica superparamagnetic beads. Clin Chem. 2010 Jun;56(6):1022-1025.
  5. Liu, K.J.; Brock, M.V.; Shih Ie, M.; Wang, T.H. Decoding circulating nucleic acids in human serum using microfluidic single molecule spectroscopy. J Am Chem Soc. 2010 Apr 28;132(16):5793-5798.

Contact for Research Inquiries

Email me Phone: 410-516-7086
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