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  • Professor of Pathology


Abdominal Pain, Anemias, Barrett's Esophagus, Bloating, Blood in Stool (Hematochezia), Burping Belching, Cancer, Celiac Disease, Celiac Sprue, Chest Pain, Clinical Gastroenterology, Clostridium Difficile, Colon Cancer, Colon Polyps, Colonoscopy, Constipation, Diarrhea, Digestive Disorders, Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Dysphagia, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Esophageal Cancer, Family History of Cancer, Fecal Incontinence, Gallbladder Diseases, Gallstones, Gas, Gastroenterology, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Heartburn, Hemorrhoids, Hiatal Hernia, Hiccups, Hoarseness, Indigestion, Intestinal Metaplasia, Iron Deficiency, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Malabsorption, Nausea, Odynophagia (Painful Swallowing), Pancreatic Cancer, Pancreatic Cysts, Pancreatic Diseases, Pancreatitis, Peptic Ulcer, Proctitis, Rectal Bleeding, Rectal Problem, Reflux and Burning, Reflux Esophagitis, Short Bowel Syndrome, Stomach Pain, Stomach Ulcer, Swallowing Disorders, Unexplained Weight Loss, Vomiting, Vomiting Blood (Haematemesis), Weight Loss ...read more

Research Interests

Early detection of pancreatic cancer; markers of pancreatic cancer; pancreatic cancer screening; familial pancreatic cancer; pancreatic cancer epigenetics; pancreatic cancer genetics ...read more

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Dr. Michael G. Goggins is a professor of pathology, medicine and oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He serves as director of the Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Laboratory and is an attending physician in medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is the Sol Goldman Professor of Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Dr. Goggins’ research interests include developing tests to improve the early detection in pancreas cancer, evaluating outcomes of pancreatic surveillance and identifying gene variants responsible for inherited susceptibility to pancreatic cancer.

He obtained his medical degree in 1988 from Trinity College of the University of Dublin, Ireland. He completed a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in Gastroenterology at St. James' Hospital in Dublin. He obtained his Membership of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland in 1991 and his European Diploma in Gastroenterology in 1995. He joined the Johns Hopkins faculty in 1999.

Dr. Goggins is a member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. He sits on the editorial boards of Gut.

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  • Professor of Pathology
  • Professor of Medicine
  • Professor of Oncology

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  • MD; University of Dublin Trinity College (1988)


  • St James's Hospital (1989)
  • Medicine; St James's Hospital (1991)


  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (1998)
  • Internal Medicine; St James's Hospital (1995)

Board Certifications

  • Royal College of Physicians (Internal Medicine) (1991)

Research & Publications

Research Summary

Dr. Goggins’ current research is focused on discovering new markers of pancreatic adenocarcinoma using genetic, epigenetic and proteomic strategies, characterizing the epigenetic alterations in pancreatic cancers and normal tissues and identifying familial pancreatic cancer susceptibility genes through linkage, genome wide association and candidate gene approaches. Additional epigenetic studies are aimed at determining the functional and clinical significance of aberrant DNA methylation changes in pancreatic cancers.


In the Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Laboratory, Dr. Goggins oversees research that focuses on gene expression patterns of pancreatic cancers using microarray technology. The lab is also studying DNA methylation patterns looking for genes that are methylated in pancreatic cancer but not in normal cells.

The lab has put together a profile of genes that are methylated in pancreatic cancer. Some pancreatic cancers methylate a lot of genes; most appear to methylate only a few genes. The lab is currently directing efforts to identify additional genes methylated in pancreatic cancer using novel techniques, and is studying the role of telomerase in pancreatic cancer and its potential as a marker for early detection.

Lab Website: Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer Laboratory

Clinical Trials

The Cancer of the Pancreas Screening-5 CAPS5)Study


Selected Publications

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Tamura K, Yu J, Hata T, Suenaga M, Shindo K, Abe T, MacGregor-Das A, Borges M, Wolfgang CL, Weiss MJ, He J, Canto MI, Petersen GM, Gallinger S, Syngal S, Brand RE, Rustgi A, Olson SH, Stoffel E, Cote ML, Zogopoulos G, Potash JB, Goes FS, McCombie RW, Zandi PP, Pirooznia M, Kramer M, Parla J, Eshleman JR, Roberts NJ, Hruban RH, Klein AP, Goggins M: Mutations in the pancreatic secretory enzymes CPA1 and CPB1 are associated with pancreatic cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2018, 115:4767-72

Abe T, Blackford AL, Tamura K, Ford M, McCormick P, Chuidian M, Almario JA, Borges M, Lennon AM, Shin EJ, Klein AP, Hruban RH, Canto MI, Goggins M: Deleterious Germline Mutations Are a Risk Factor for Neoplastic Progression Among High-Risk Individuals Undergoing Pancreatic Surveillance. J Clin Oncol 2019, 37:1070-80

Abe T, Koi C, Kohi S, Song KB, Tamura K, Macgregor-Das A, Kitaoka N, Chuidian M, Ford M, Dbouk M, Borges M, He J, Burkhart R, Wolfgang CL, Klein AP, Eshleman JR, Hruban RH, Canto MI, Goggins M: Gene Variants That Affect Levels of Circulating Tumor Markers Increase Identification of Patients With Pancreatic Cancer. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol 2020, 18:1161-9.e5. doi: 10.016/j.cgh.2019.10.036. Epub Oct 30

Blackford AL, Canto MI, Klein AP, Hruban RH, Goggins M: Recent trends in the incidence and survival of Stage 1A Pancreatic Cancer: A Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results analysis. J Natl Cancer Inst 2020, 112:1162-9

Goggins M, Overbeek KA, Brand R, Syngal S, Del Chiaro M, Bartsch DK, Bassi C, Carrato A, Farrell J, Fishman EK, Fockens P, Gress TM, van Hooft JE, Hruban RH, Kastrinos F, Klein A, Lennon AM, Lucas A, Park W, Rustgi A, Simeone D, Stoffel E, Vasen HFA, Cahen DL, Canto MI, Bruno M: Management of patients with increased risk for familial pancreatic cancer: updated recommendations from the International Cancer of the Pancreas Screening (CAPS) Consortium. Gut 2020, 69:7-17. doi: 0.1136/gutjnl-2019-319352. Epub 2019 Oct 31

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  • European Board of Gastroenterology
  • Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

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