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Dr. Edward Kraus is a Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He completed his undergraduate education at Cornell University, received his MD at Northwestern University and completed an Internal Medicine residency at Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital in Cleveland, OH. After completing a Nephrology Fellowship at Baltimore City Hospitals, Dr. Kraus has been a member of the faculty since 1981. As part of his clinical duties he has cared for kidney transplant patients during his entire tenure at Johns Hopkins. As the scope of the kidney transplant program grew, his clinical responsibilities during the last 15 years have been limited to care of kidney and pancreas transplant donors and recipients. He currently serves as the Senior Kidney Transplant Nephrologist and Medical Director of the Pancreas Transplant Program. Dr. Kraus’ interests have focused upon factors affecting the long-term outcomes of kidney transplant recipients and barriers to access of care for minority recipients. He has worked extensively with Pathology and has participated in the development of the Johns Hopkins Incompatible Kidney Transplant Program with particular emphasis on evolving concepts of patterns of injury with the goal of development of clinical interventions to preserve allograft function.

Dr. Kraus is a member of the National Kidney Foundation, the American Society of Nephrology, the International Society of Nephrology and the American Society of Transplantation. He actively serves on Committees of these various organizations. Upon nomination by his patients, students and peers in recognition for his clinical care and teaching skills, Dr. Kraus was inducted into the Miller-Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

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  • Professor of Medicine

Departments / Divisions

Centers & Institutes



  • MD; Medicine; Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (1975)


  • Internal Medicine; Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital (1978)


  • Nephrology; Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center (1981)

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine) (1978)
  • American Board of Internal Medicine (Nephrology) (1982)

Research & Publications

Selected Publications

  1. Serena Bagnasco; Edward Kraus; Banu Sis; Diagnostic criteria for kidney transplant rejection: a call to action. Lancet 2013;381(9876):1458. 2013 
  2. D Neofytos; K Kobayashi; C D Alonso; J Cady-Reh; D Lepley; M Harris; N Desai; E Kraus; A Subramanian; S Treadway; et al. Epidemiology, risk factors, and outcomes of Clostridium difficile infection in kidney transplant recipients. Transplant infectious disease : an official journal of the Transplantation Society 2013;15(2):134-41. 2013 
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  • American Society of Nephrology
  • American Society of Transplantation
  • International Society of Nephrology
  • National Kidney Foundation

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  • Miller-Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
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