March 2011

Get Ready for PING!

PING is a web-based text messaging service that allows you to send to mobile devices. While currently in beta release, PING comprises a suite of features that facilitates simple, fast, and effective communications for the entire Johns Hopkins Health System community. You can now preview PING before it makes its enterprise debut on March 31, 2011.

Please check out the beta version at In order to make the most of your experience prior to March 31, you should complete the following action items:

  • Update your ‘myProfile’ information found within the portal. To activate yourself as a contact within PING:
    • Supply your cell phone number and device carrier, and click the “Click here to allow users to text you from this website.” text link.
    • Verify your Telecom pager number. If the field is incorrect or blank, click the “Is this incorrect?” text link. Doing so will open a window in which you may supply the correct number.
  • Familiarize yourself with the user interface. Search for a colleague by name, or browse by department. Send yourself a PING message if you’d like!

Check back often for feature enhancements, including message forwarding and reply-to preferences! For questions, comments or concerns, please email

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Get Ready for PING!

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