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January 2017


Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network
All-in-one resource linking investigators to regional community-hospital based collaborators. Go online for details.

JHM HSR Recertification Training
HSR recertification is required for new application submissions only and change in research submissions, and is required every three years.


Visit Animal Care and Use Committee Website
Go online for the most recent versions of important forms, policies, and guidelines.

Current Classes
A Rodent Handling class will be held on January 12. Class is free. Registration is required.

"Interinstitutional Assurance" Agreement
Form processing assistance available through the JHU Animal Care and Use Comittee office.


Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) presents: Safety in Research Updates


CDC - Rapid-Cycle Survey Collaborative for Provider Input on Immunization Issues
Program supports mechanism to obtain timely input from a nationally representative sample of healthcare providers on critical immunization issues of importance. Internal deadline is January 5.

Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program
Program supports research and teaching careers of talented young faculty in the chemical sciences. Internal deadline is January 9.

Rita Allen Foundation (RAF) and the American Pain Society (APS) 2017 Award in Pain Guidelines for the Grant Application
Grant supports projects on molecular biology of pain and/or basic science related to development of new analgesics for pain management due to terminal illness.
Application deadline is January 16.

New National Science Foundation Science of Learning Program
Program supports potentially transformative basic research to advance the science of learning. Application deadline is January 18.

The American Heart Association Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine Data Mining Grants
Four grants focus on two topic areas: establishing practical standards for future connections, integration and interoperability with electronic healthcare record systems, and development of new methods for data curation/ harmonization. Application deadline is January 31.

Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering
Program funds inquisitive, passionate and early career scientists and engineers who take a creative approach to their research, dare to think big, and follow new ideas wherever they lead. Internal deadline is February 1.

Young Investigator Grant for Probiotics Research (YIGPRO)
Three grants available to support new research on probiotics and gastrointestinal microbiota in the U.S. Application deadline is February 15.

Bay Area Lyme Foundation Emerging Leader Award
Award supports research with a defined approach to improved diagnostics or therapies for Lyme disease. Application deadline is February 15.

Society for Vascular Surgery Foundation Clinical Research Seed Grant Program
Program encourages surgeons to be more involved in clinical trials and funds promising pilot clinical projects. Application deadline is March 1.

Progeria Research Foundation Grants
PRF seeks to fund basic science research on the disease mechanism in Progeria - a fatal, "premature aging" disease in children. Application deadline is March 21.

Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) Challenge
Foundation sponsors $2 million prize to the first team to develop a viable selective alpha-synuclein PET tracer and agree to make that tracer available broadly. No application deadline.


NIH Postdoctoral Fellow Supplements
In the wake of new FLSA regulations, NIH providing supplemental funding for Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA training grant or fellowship awards.Eligible candidates must apply.

NIH Policy: Foreign Components Added to a Grant to a Domestic or Foreign Organization
NIH defines foreign components added to a grant and significant grant related activities needing prior NIH approval.


Upcoming Deadlines for January, February and March

January Events at the Genetic Resources Core Facility
Dates and details for Genetic Resources Core Symposium and others online.


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