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Dana Boatman, Ph.D.

Photo of Dr. Dana Boatman, Ph.D.

Director, Auditory Neurophysiology Laboratory

Professor of Neurology

Expertise: Audiologist, Audiology, Neurophysiology

Research Interests: Neural response dynamics; auditory cortex; cortical auditory disorders; epilepsy


Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
Appointment Phone: 410-955-3116

601 N. Caroline St.
Baltimore, MD 21287 map

The Johns Hopkins Hospital (Main Entrance)
Appointment Phone: 410-955-9441

1800 Orleans St.
Sheikh Zayed Tower
Baltimore, MD 21287 map


Dr. Boatman directs a cross-disciplinary program of research in auditory neuroscience. Her research focuses on understanding how the human brain perceives sounds in complex listening environments. Her laboratory conducts brain mapping studies that combine electrophysiology (intracranial, scalp), behavioral testing, signal processing, and computational modeling. Current studies supported by NIH and the Department of Defense focus on modeling spatial-temporal dynamics of high-frequency cortical auditory responses in normal and impaired listeners. Her laboratory provides NIH-supported research training for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees in neuroscience, audiology, biostatistics, and biomedical engineering.

Dr. Boatman received her doctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania and her clinical training at George Washington University. She completed post-doctoral research and clinical training at Johns Hopkins. more


  • Director, Auditory Neurophysiology Laboratory
  • Professor of Neurology
  • Professor of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Departments / Divisions

Research & Publications

Lab Website: Clinical and Computational Auditory Neuroscience

Clinical Trials

NIDCD R01-DC005645
Complex Sound Processing in the Human Temporal Lobe 
Principal investigator

Selected Publications

View all on Pubmed

Zhang T, Wu J, Li F, Caffo B, Boatman-Reich D. A dynamic directional model for brain connectivity using electrocorticographic (ECoG) time series. Journal of the American Statistical Society, 110: 509: 93-106, 2015.

Eliades SJ, Crone NE, Anderson WS, Ramadoss D, Lenz FA, Boatman-Reich D. Adaptation of high-gamma responses in human auditory association cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology, 112: 2147-2163, 2014.

Cervenka M, Franaszczuk J, Crone NE, Hong B, Caffo B, Bhatt P, Lenz FA, Boatman-Reich D. Reliability of early cortical auditory gamma-band responses. Clinical Neurophysiology, 124: 70-82, 2013.

Boatman-Reich D, Franaszczuk P, Korzeniewska A, Caffo B, Ritzl E, Colwell S, Crone NE. Quantifying auditory event-related responses in multichannel human intracranial recordings. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 4: 1-17, 2010.

Boatman D, Miglioretti D. Cortical sites critical for speech discrimination in normal and impaired listeners. Journal of Neuroscience, 25: 5475-5480, 2005.

Academic Affiliations & Courses

Courses and Syllabi

  • The Auditory System (AS.080.320.001.)
    Department of Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University

Activities & Honors


  • William E. Arnold Award for Research Excellence, University of Pennsylvania
  • Junior Investigator Award, Epilepsy Foundation of American
  • Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Mentor Award
  • Clinical Neuroscience Award, The Dana Foundation
  • Clinical Research Award, American Hearing Research Foundation
  • Clinical Investigator Award,, National Alliance for Autism Research
  • Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering (PECASE)
  • Doctoral Research Fellowship, Department of Defense
  • Program in Cognitive Neuroscience Award, McDonnell-Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Mary A. Brazier Award-Winning Article, Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering
  • Taylor and Francis International Lectureship Award, Dubrovnik, Coratia
  • Diversity Leadership Recognition Award, Johns Hopkins University
  • Visiting Professorship, AUD Scholars Program, Northwestern University
  • Research Mentor Award, American Speech Language and Hearing Association

Professional Activities

  • Director, Neuro-Audiology Clinic Johns Hopkins Hospital, 2000
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