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Collaborative Research Efforts

Metabolomics and Transcriptomics for Biomarkers

A collaborative biomarkers project to develop a standard sample set to be used in biomarker studies. This has recently been submitted as a proposal for a supplement for the three basic NIMH Centers.

Consortium of NIMH AIDS Center Directors including:

  • Drs Justin McArthur and Ned Sacktor at Johns Hopkins University NIMH Center for Novel Therapeutics of HIV-associated Cognitive Disorders (JHU NIMH NeuroAIDS Center)
  • Dr Howard Fox at the Scripps NeuroAIDS Preclinical Studies (SNAPS) 
  • Dr Scott Letendre at the UCSD HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center (HNRC)  

Cerebral Spinal Fluid Sampling Study with Antiretroviral Change (CIT)

This trial is currently underway.

  • Collaboration with Drs. Ned Sacktor (JHU)and Scott Letendre (HNRC).

The Johns Hopkins NIMH Center newsletter

Clinical Perspectives

HANSA 2011 Presentations

View a presentation by Dr Justin McArthur entitled "NeuroAIDS Research Needs in the Era of HAART."
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