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Program Administrators

Residency Program Director: The Pharmacy director is designated as the residency program director and ensures that all residents meet the program goals and objectives,  as well as the requirements necessary for the completion of the post-graduate year-one residency program.

Residency Program Coordinator: The residency coordinator  serves as the assistant director. He/she works in conjunction with the program director to  ensure overall program goals and objectives are met. The coordinator makes certain that all training deadlines are met, appropriate preceptorship is provided and resident evaluations are completed.

Preceptors: Each rotation  has an assigned preceptor. Preceptors are responsible for guiding the resident and ensuring that the predefined goals and objectives are met by the resident. The preceptor provides the resident with a midpoint evaluation as well as a final evaluation. Preceptors also take part in resident-led topic discussions.

Project Advisor: Residents are responsible for completing a year-long residency project. The resident selects a project advisor who aids the resident in completing the required project. The advisor helps the resident select a residency project and define the scope of the project to assure the project is completed by the end of the post-graduate, year-one residency.

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