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Pharmacy Residency Staffing

Consistent with the ASHP residency standards, each resident is required to complete a pharmacy practice component of the residency program. Although typically referred to as staffing, this component of the residency program will provide residents the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of pharmacy practice. Residents are exposed to the dispensing, the compounding and order verification component of pharmacy practice. This experience is crucial in developing a well-rounded practitioner.

Residents will complete computer system training during the one month orientation period. Residents will be required to staff in the main pharmacy every other weekend and one evening every other week. Staffing will begin after the completion of orientation.  Residents wil be evaluated by the pharmacy practice preceptor on a quarterly basis.

Residents are expected to assist in staffing holidays. Residents are allowed two paid holidays, one hospital-recognized summer holiday and one hospital-recognized winter holiday. Recognized holidays that fall on a resident’s assigned weekend are not to be selected as paid holidays.

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