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Johns Hopkins Health System Finance collaborates with key business leaders across the institution to ensure transparency of key financial decisions and activities.  Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) has a proven discipline in Finance to ensure the financial health of the institution and decision-making controls.

The vision of Johns Hopkins Health System Finance is to be known as an organization which strives for excellence in its customer relations, understands the needs of its customers and fulfills those needs with clarity, efficiency, integrity, and professionalism.

  • Commit to helping our customers achieve success through an integrated network of joint financial planning, analysis, evaluation and strategic thinking
  • Provide effective and efficient service to the organization
  • Commit to ensuring the highest quality service throughout our organization.  We understand that this commitment takes hard work and a true understanding of our customers' needs
  • Commit to open two-way communication with our customers
  • Strive to listen to and interact with all of our customers in an environment of mutual respect
  • Support the Vision of the Johns Hopkins Health System and the Johns Hopkins University through effective financial policies
  • Give each member of our organization honest and constructive feedback
  • Support diversity in our work force
  • Commit to professional development of all staff to ensure that we have the knowledge, skills, and ability to deliver high quality financial services to our customers

Johns Hopkins Health System Central Finance has several departments including:

To view an Organizational Chart of JHHS Finance leadership please click here (JHED Required)

Access the Management Reporting Portal:

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